Angles authentic Italian recipes traditional from her own collection of hand written notes for homemade pasta dough, italian specialties, barbeque, BBQ Ribs-smoked pulled pork and more..

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Welcome to Angie's authentic Italian recipes, gourmet food, the place where you can find all authentic original recipe favorites- pasta dough, bread and more. Pulled Pork, barbeque smoked meats, sauce, Memphis style- the best mail order BBQ Ribs online.

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Welcome to Angie's Italian recipes, the place where you can find all authentic original recipe favorites translated from my mother's cooking notes. These recipe notes are guidelines for experienced cooks to use and not intended to be step by step cooking instructions. Her original recipes give you the ingredients and the concept of how to prepare the dish.

Great chefs know that a recipe is nothing without their personal touch. Angie's love for cooking and watching people enjoy her food was her signature, and this is why Angies Italian Recipes are so unique.


Our feature food for spring-summer is BBQ cooking, smoking meats and specialty grilling sauces.

My wife and I have traveled to many places in the country in pursuit to find the best BBQ ribs and pulled pork sandwiches.  Our search has finally ended at Pig of the Month.

We were invited to sample all their cooked barbecue products- babyback ribs and assorted smoked meats. I never would have thought that the best bbq we ever tasted would be delivered to our door fresh frozen. I opened the large package of samplings and was very surprised with the quality of packaging – it was like receiving a fresh order from a local barbeque pit. Every item was impeccably wrapped and sealed- you could see the butcher shop quality of the cuts of meats.

We tried most of their products- Memphis ribs, pulled pork, smoked corned beef brisket, natural herb and spice flavored bacons, homemade quality italian sausages and pork/beef jerky. Everything was absolutely fantastic tasting!


barbeque ribs pulled pork


 homemade Garlic Sausage-pig of the month bbq

The country's best barbecue delivered nationwide!	 


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hand picked fresh vegetable market


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fresh pasta recipe

Fresh Homemade Pasta Dough Recipe

Homemade pasta dough- old world recipe Italian.

There are numerous recipes for making fresh pasta dough and just as many variations of homemade versions of this easy to make dough. After trying different ratios of types of flour, eggs and other ingredients I finally discovered the perfect pasta dough recipe which works for all shapes and styles of macaroni. Some to mention are- linguine, ravioli, lasagna, tortellini, spaghetti or any shape you desire. My preference is wide linguine as it complements the flavor of homemade tomato sauce. I don’t add other ingredients to the pasta to flavor it as basil, spinach, broccoli, dried tomato, anchovies, seafood, garlic or herbs.

Pasta should have a natural neutral flavor so it enhances other dishes that will be served with it.

Simple is Good.

The best ingredients in a traditional family pasta recipe includes- Italy imported farina 00 grade floor, #1 durum wheat semolina, fresh organic eggs, fresh extra virgin olive oil imported from Italy and fresh ground salt.



1 cups semolina flour

1 cups imported “00” grade farina flour

4 whole natural organic eggs

4 tablespoons natural spring water

1 teaspoons ground salt

1 tablespoons imported Italy extra virgin olive oil

*Prior to making- place eggs out in room temperature for 1 hour.



Angie's Italian Recipes are unique recipes passed down from many generations of traditional Italian home-style cooking and baking. She came from a large Italian family totaling 14 brothers and sisters of which all were good cooks each having their own individual favorite family recipes.

Mom & Dad 1948

This site is dedicated to my mother Angelina for her love of cooking and to my father Sam who worked hard so they could afford the quality and variety of food we ate.

My grandparents and parents struggled thru the tough times of the Depression (1930’s) when many Americans had to wait in bread and milk lines for food to feed their families. During that period personal wealth was measured in the quality and quantity of food served on the dinner table. It was every parents dream that their children would never have to ration food again in their lifetime.

Growing up and cooking meals for this large Italian family, Angie's parents taught her the simple fundamentals of cooking-  always start with market fresh handpicked ingredients, take pride in every dish you make and always have plenty of food for your family at each meal.

Nothing made Angie happier than cooking and watching everyone enjoy eating the food she made. A my three brothers and I were growing up we didn't realized how good a cook our mother was. As parents and grandparents ourselves now, we treasure all we have learned from her. We have compiled some of her recipes and published them on this site. I hope you enjoy cooking for your family and try some of these Italian specialties today.


fresh seafood-shrimp-lobster



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